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This Fall '05 series covered key lessons from the Old Testament. Building on the themes of Deliverance, Mt. Sinai and the Tabernacle, this episode explores the desert experience of Israel from the books of Exodus and Numbers.
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This lecture from our 2006 retreat on the spiritual life discusses the supreme importance of the Eucharist.
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Hosea (salvation) is one of the most unusual books of the Bible - the story of a young prophet told to marry a beautiful prostitute, who after the birth of their children is drawn back to her old life. She is repeatedly unfaithful. It is a story of unrequited love and deep ingratitude, but it is also a story of a yet more presistent love, forgiveness and a plea for return (repentance). It is a picture of God's enduring love for his own wayward people. These lessons are rich in spiritual insight and passionate longing for the sinner's return.
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