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Laws concerning the voluntary dedication of persons, animals, houses, and land to God. The means of redeeming a dedicated thing.

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A continuation of the discussion of Leviticus Chapter 26:

1. Blessings from keeping God's law.

2. Penalties/Curses as consequences of disobedience (the discipline of a loving God).

3. Assurance and restoration.

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A discussion of Leviticus Chapter 26:

1. Blessings from keeping God's law.

2. Penalties/Curses as consequences of disobedience (the discipline of a loving God).

3. Assurance and restoration.

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The institution of the Sabbath year for the land. The Jubilee year.

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Laws concerning the maintenance of the altar. Jesus's citation of David consuming the priests' bread. Limitations on vengeance.

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Keeping the Sabbath and holy days. Israelite feasts and their connection to the New Testament.

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This part focuses primarily on the expectations and conduct of the priesthood in the time of Leviticus. Acceptable and unacceptable sacrifices to God.

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Proper behavior towards strangers and other disadvantaged persons. Penalties for breaking the law. The universal call to holiness.

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Holiness as separation. Strictures against mistreating slaves and various forms of idolatry.

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The remaining commandments are discussed. Proper treatment of one's neighbor is described in detail. An understanding of the treatment of loans, wages, and retribution derived from the commandments.

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The Ten Commandments are discussed. The obligations of the Jews to God is explained in detail. 

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A discussion of Leviticus chapter 18 (and Acts 15) focusing on laws regarding sexual immorality, idolatry, gentiles, and homosexuality. 

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Condemnation of the offering of blood to satyrs. Strictures regarding unclean meat and the slaughtering of animals far from the tabernacle.

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The prescriptions for properly slaughtering a sacrificial animal. Avoidance of creeping idolatry.

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A detailed run-through of: clean and unclean animals, skin diseases, bodily discharges, purity in childbirth, and the day of atonement.

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Delving into laws that are foreign to our modern way of thinking, and understanding ritual impurity, moral impurity, profanity, and the conditions for coming into God's holy realm.

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Priests represent the people before God: Christ had to be incarnated in order to represent us. The danger of presuming upon God's grace.

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The gravity of priestly responsibilities. Christ's fulfillment of the Aaronic order.

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The priestly office as exercised by patriarchs in the book of Genesis. The transgressions of the sons of Aaron.

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The nature of the priesthood as intermediaries between sinful humanity and a perfect God.

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Christ's sacrifice on the cross parallels and perfects the Levitical offerings. Exploration of these connections in the letter to the Hebrews.

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Sacrifices depend on following the prescribed rites with the proper interior disposition. A survey of Biblical examples.

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The Levitical sacrifices do not operate through their own inherent value but because they are commanded by God.

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We must not take God's mercy for granted. He is generous with His mercy, but He is still a Holy and all-powerful God, not a mere friend.

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Celebratory meals of fellowship are done with others and with God, foreshadowing the Eucharistic sacrifice. However, they require one to be ritually clean and unstained by sin, similar to how the Eucharist requires us to be in a state of grace. Yet God is eager for us to seek that forgiveness.

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In this episode we begin discussing the basic structure of burnt offerings and cereal offerings.

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Sacrifice commonly has a connotation as a loss to Westerners, but in Leviticus it can be done for all the reasons of prayer: for thanksgiving, for mourning, for please for forgiveness or help. Sacrifice makes prayer concrete.

By the way, last week I accidentally reposted the same content as a new episode. I'm sorry for the mistake!

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Just like how Jesus was divinity clothed in flesh, so also is Leviticus the love of God clothed in the letter of the law.

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The book is divided into parts: It describes a mechanism God gives to heal our brokenness through sacrifice. It describes a priesthood provided to the people as a buffer between humanity and God's awesome holiness. Finally it oultines a standard for how we can know what is true or false, helpful or hurtful even today.

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Metaphors of holiness are discussed, especialy the relationship between whole and holiness. God is calling us back to holiness and wholeness. The main theme of Leviticus is that God is holy: that is, separated from evil and all defect. His holiness is not mere supreme ethics but supreme divinity. Finally there are some notes on skeptical critical scholars who suggest Leviticus was written long after Moses.

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Leviticus is a difficult book. It is seemingly a tedious book of regulations. However, each rule is an example of how we are called to holiness. It is concrete guidance from God that is still relevant to Christians today.

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Ezekiel illustrates a life-giving river flowing from the Temple. Overall This description of a Temple encourages us to read more from Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy to understand Jewish worship to appreciate the description of the Temple and the Mass. This is the last episode of the Ezekiel study, thank you for listening.

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God will place the Levites who presided over idolatry in the lesser roles of his temple, whereas the loyal sons of Zadok will minister directly to God. There will be strict separation between what is holy and what is common.

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God came from the East, the earth shone with His glory. He notes how the Israelites have disrespected the temple in multiple ways, and asserts that things will change from now on.

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The Temple as described is a specifically Hebrew temple, where access to God is limited and well protected. The imagery and measurements represent categories of holiness, not a secret code for conspiracies.

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Ezekiel receives the vision of the new Temple a quarter century into exile. It mirrors the vision of God departing from the Temple earlier in the book.

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Ezekiel's final chapters describe a vision of a Temple of God in great detail. It does not match Solomon's Temple (not destroyed), the second Temple, or Herod's renovation of the second Temple. Is this description of a physical temple to be realized, or something symbolic? The existence of a Temple is a primary concern for Jews both historical and contemporary.

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We believe that this prophecy of Gog will be fulfilled, but how and when it will happen is a subject of much debate. Ultimately however it will be God's might that achieves Gog's defeat rather than our efforts.

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Ezekiel, Joel, and Revelation all tell of an invading army from the north who will attack the Israelites and yet be destroyed by a cataclysm.

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Ezekiel has a vision of a battle at the end times, where a horde of barbarian horsemen from many faraway nations seek to invade Israel. While striking one must be careful about speculating about specific political events through this vision.

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God shows Ezekiel a vision of a valley of dry bones that symbolize Israel. He promises to raise up these bones and breathe new life into them, resurrecting the nation of Israel and foreshadowing the promise of everlasting life in Christianity.

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The Lord promises to clean the Israelites from their idol worship and to return them to a culture of carefully obeying his Law. This is not a new covenant, but a new spirit of faithfulness to the original covenant. Likewise Christians have had their new covenant through Christ, but to realize the promises we must allow God to work through us to carefully carry out His work.

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It sometimes appears that God's promises are not fulfilled. But it is not because God is not faithful, but oftentimes because the people to whom he makes his promises are not faithful themselves and must be punished. However ultimately God will be more faithful than his people for the sake of his name.

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The Lord turns to judge Edom, the nation from the line of Esau. Edomites have held a perpetual hatred against the Israelites, and their opportunistic attack against Israel enraged the Lord. Even though the Lord was punishing Israel, He ultimately promised this land to them, and it was not Edom's to take, nor Edom's right to indulge their violence and hate.

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