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Jeremiah is called to prophecy when he was preparing for the priesthood around age 20, in the reign of King Josiah, the great reformer. Jeremiah is reluctant and protests that he does not know how to speak, but God tells him that He watches over His words, but does not hide from Jeremiah that this will take many years, which will turn out to be forty years. Under Josiah, Jeremiah is somewhat protected, but ultimately, the Babylonians capture Judah, and Jeremiah joins his kinsmen in captivity.

The Northern tribes of Israel had had a line of non-Davidic kings and had created two false sanctuaries in Bethel and Dan.

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After Jesus appears to the apostles, they tell Thomas, who had been apart from them following the crucifixion, that they have seen Jesus, but Thomas, cynical, does not believe. Jesus then appears to the apostles again with Thomas, who does believe is very deeply moved. Jesus tells Thomas that he has believed because he has seen, but those who have not seen but still believe (those reading the gospel) are blessed.

The last chapter, an epilogue, describes few disciples going to fish at a later time. They catch nothing, but Jesus appears on the beach and tells them to cast their net on the other side. The disciples receive a large catch of fish, and Jesus asks them to share it with Him. Jesus has brought some bread and fish, which echoes the feeding for the multitude and the Eucharist.

Jesus then asks three times if Peter loves Him. Three times Peter has denied Jesus, and now three times he declares he loves Him. Each time, Jesus tells Peter to care for Jesus's flock. Jesus also makes reference to how Peter will die.

The gospel ends with a postscript to the 21st chapter that appears to have been written by the scribe.

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Mary Magdalene visits the tomb of Jesus with some others, saying, "They have taken the Lord out of the tomb, and we do not know where they have laid him." John and Peter go to visit the tomb, and John sees the state of the burial cloths and believes.

Mary sees two angels in the tomb, and Jesus reveals Himself to Mary, much like He reveals Himself to the apostles on the road to Emmaus. Jesus tells Mary not to hold onto Him, sending her to tell the apostles, whom He calls His brothers even as he has just risen from the dead. Jesus then visits the apostles, greets them with His peace, and with the Holy Spirit, gives them a commission to absolve people's sins.

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Peter comes to the palace where Jesus is being tried, and denies that he knows Him three times, as Christ prophesied. Christ is brought to Pilate, who finds no guilt. Pilate tries to send Jesus back to be punished by the Jews, but they refuse, as there is a law preventing them from executing Him, but they must see Jesus executed for declaring Himself the Son of God. The people lodge a complaint that Jesus declared Himself to be a king, which forces Pilate to act.

Pilate offers to release Jesus, giving the crowd a choice between Him and Barabbas, a notorious bandit. The crowd prefers to release Barabbas, but Pilate has Jesus flogged, thinking that that would satisfy the crowd.

It does not, and Jesus is crucified. Jesus carries His own cross to His execution, and He dies between two criminals. The death comes quickly, and He is quickly prepared for burial, as the Sabbath is approaching. Meanwhile, men divide His garments and cast lots for His tunic, which was seamless, much like that of the High Priest.

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