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Paul's Second Letter to Timothy comes later in his life, as he is nearing his death. The content is markedly different, though the language suggests it may have been written by the same scribe.

Paul connects the Christian's life to that of God. We are to not be timid but to be prepared to act on our Christian duties, even if we should need to rekindle our faith from time to time.

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Those who came to Christ in slavery were asked to continue in the same way. It was not possible for the Church to afford the complete release of slaves at that time. Christians are asked to tame their passions and use them for the Lord. Even a rich man may be generous with money and use that money to do God's work.

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The widows who dedicate themselves to the Church should be ones were were dedicated to one man in marriage. Similarly, while the overseers (a position in the church that would later become the position of bishop) of the Church may have work besides preaching, they should receive double honor for their fidelity to work in the Church despite other obligations.

For believers who go astray into sin, if they persist, on the testimony of two or three witnesses (Deuteronomy 19:15) they should be rebuked in the presence of all. We do not want to participate in others' sins.

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In the society surrounding the early Christian community, there was no support network for widows. Paul instructs that if an older woman's husband dies, and this woman devotes herself to the work of the Church and vows never to marry again, the community should support that woman if the woman's family is not present. Younger women should not be pressed prematurely into this sort of vow.

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