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This study of the Pastoral Epistles of Paul comprises the two epistles to Timothy, the epistle to Titus and also the epistle to Philemon, which is not considered part of the pastoral epistles. Paul had a marked ability to find and train men to as parts of a missionary network, and while these letters show the sort of care and relationship Paul had with his men, they were also meant to be read. Many of the details of Paul's life after the events in the book of Acts can be found here.

Some have questioned whether these letters are genuinely of Paul. There are some marked differences between these and Paul's other letters, particularly in vocabulary. The Church has always affirmed that these letters are of Paul, and the differences can be attributed in part due to the fact that these are personal letters, not letters intended for the community at large, and differing uses of a scribe, or amanuensis. The early church fathers, going back as far as the sub-apostolic age, one generation removed from Paul's, who knew the Greek of the time, believe them to be authentic.

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