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Paul began Romans talking about how many gifts the Roman church had. At the end, Paul makes reference to some times that he has had to remind them. The final doxology talks about the obedience of faith echoes the identical phrase at the start. Paul also tells them that he intends to make the Gentiles a priestly offering to God. Here he does not use the term for the governing priest (presbyter), but rather the Greek term for priest (hieros). The Greek term was not used for the office of priest, since that title was reserved for Christ alone.

Paul then talks about his plans to visit Rome, but Paul would be arrested in Jerusalem and imprisoned. He would come to Rome in chains. The letter ends with a series of greetings, quite often to people in lay ministry, but Paul also notes that you are to avoid those who cause dissent against what you have been taught.

The closing theme is Gerard Satamian's Chansons Sans Paroles Op. 2 Pastorale, from the album Dry Fig Trees. www.magnatune.

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