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After Jesus appears to the apostles, they tell Thomas, who had been apart from them following the crucifixion, that they have seen Jesus, but Thomas, cynical, does not believe. Jesus then appears to the apostles again with Thomas, who does believe is very deeply moved. Jesus tells Thomas that he has believed because he has seen, but those who have not seen but still believe (those reading the gospel) are blessed.

The last chapter, an epilogue, describes few disciples going to fish at a later time. They catch nothing, but Jesus appears on the beach and tells them to cast their net on the other side. The disciples receive a large catch of fish, and Jesus asks them to share it with Him. Jesus has brought some bread and fish, which echoes the feeding for the multitude and the Eucharist.

Jesus then asks three times if Peter loves Him. Three times Peter has denied Jesus, and now three times he declares he loves Him. Each time, Jesus tells Peter to care for Jesus's flock. Jesus also makes reference to how Peter will die.

The gospel ends with a postscript to the 21st chapter that appears to have been written by the scribe.

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