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Peter comes to the palace where Jesus is being tried, and denies that he knows Him three times, as Christ prophesied. Christ is brought to Pilate, who finds no guilt. Pilate tries to send Jesus back to be punished by the Jews, but they refuse, as there is a law preventing them from executing Him, but they must see Jesus executed for declaring Himself the Son of God. The people lodge a complaint that Jesus declared Himself to be a king, which forces Pilate to act.

Pilate offers to release Jesus, giving the crowd a choice between Him and Barabbas, a notorious bandit. The crowd prefers to release Barabbas, but Pilate has Jesus flogged, thinking that that would satisfy the crowd.

It does not, and Jesus is crucified. Jesus carries His own cross to His execution, and He dies between two criminals. The death comes quickly, and He is quickly prepared for burial, as the Sabbath is approaching. Meanwhile, men divide His garments and cast lots for His tunic, which was seamless, much like that of the High Priest.

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